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How to Deal With Difficult Emotions

Shannon Harvey

If you had told me 110 days ago that I would not only start wanting to meditate for 45 minutes a day, but that I would sometimes want to meditate for even longer periods of time, I would have said you’re bloody joking. Back then I knew enough about meditation to know that the practice is far from being all “glowing balls of light’ and like “a warm bath for your mind,” as it’s often described. Pretty much anyone who has tried mindfulness meditation (where you attempt to continually bring your distracted mind back to a point of focus) will... Read full article »

What Does “Eating In Moderation” Actually Look Like?

Shannon Harvey

If you had bumped into me at the mall this morning you might have thought I’d gone crazy. My regular readers will know that I’m a health journalist with an autoimmune disease and that, among other things, I prioritise eating well. Indeed, I regularly write about my struggles with healthy eating in this mad world which seems set against me. So upon seeing me at the mall with a shopping bag full of sweets and treats, it would have been easy to assume that I’d fallen off the wagon. But in fact my candy-buying-binge was all in the name of... Read full article »

This Is Why I Meditate – Despite the Skeptcism

Shannon Harvey

At 8:30 next Monday morning I’ll be lying in an MRI machine having my brain scanned again. I’m feeling nervous about it. Not because I have a fear of enclosed spaces and not because I’m worried about what the experts might find. I’m worried about what the experts might not find. That is, I’m worried that my brain will be exactly the same as it was 93 days ago before I began meditating daily.This is part of a new documentary I’m making about meditation. In recent months I’ve been traveling around the globe, meeting scientists, monks, meditation teachers, and people... Read full article »

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