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How The Microbes in Your Gut Influence Your Health

Shannon Harvey

After being diagnosed with a chronic disease eleven years ago, I have a keen interest in following the latest discoveries being made by health researchers around the world. Regular readers will know that I dive with gusto into the evidence showing links between our health and our emotions, stress levels, relationships, beliefs, diet, sleep, exercise and daily habits. But of all the topics in health science that I closely follow, there is one that stands out as having the greatest potential to revolutionise the way we approach wellness and the treatment of chronic disease – the microbiome.With thanks to new... Read full article »

Why Having A Supportive Partner Matters

Shannon Harvey

This is the story of well-intentioned wife who set out to make her husband a birthday cake. This wife realised the importance of celebrating birthdays and having rituals to mark special occasions. But in recent years she had become increasingly aware of the need to eat food that doesn’t have hidden nasties. So rather than buying a double-choc-fudge-swirl-something-or-rather like she may have in the past, she instead decided to make a raw vegan birthday cake. That way the whole family could have their cake and eat it too.The “cake” was made from ingredients such as almond meal, dates, and dried... Read full article »

You Can't Do It All (So Stop Worrying)

Shannon Harvey

As a journalist who writes extensively about finding the connection between our mind, body and health, and who also shares publicly my personal story about recovering from an autoimmune disease, I’d love to tell you that I have found a single magical key to balance, harmony, health and longevity. I’d like to say that after a blissful nine hour sleep each and every night, I rise with the morning chorus of birds to perform an hour of yoga, followed by an hour of meditation. I’d love to tell you that all my food is made from scratch, that my relationships... Read full article »

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