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Rethinking Stress: How Changing Your Thinking Could Change Your Health

Shannon Harvey

In late 2009 I came across a web link that changed my life. On about page 20 of a Google search I stumbled upon an academic paper written by an Australian MD and university professor named Craig Hassed which highlighted the emergence of evidence-based mind-body medicine.At the time I was very sick. I’d been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease four years before and had spent a fortune trying everything that both conventional and alternative medicine had to offer. The paper, which was called “Mind-Body Medicine: Science, Practice and Philosophy,” outlined research linking the brain to the immune system, the importance... Read full article »

The Loneliness Epidemic: More Connected And More Lonely Than Ever

Shannon Harvey

I had a very surreal experience last year while travelling in the USA. From the moment a taxi driver dropped me off at an airport terminal to the moment I landed at my next destination, I did not speak to another human. In that time I checked in my luggage, proceeded through security, ordered and ate my lunch, purchased a takeaway cup of tea, shopped for a new paperback, and boarded my flight. I didn’t have a conversation with another human for the five hours that I was in transit because there was no need to have one. Terminal C... Read full article »

Why Are You So Hard On Yourself?

Shannon Harvey

The other day I found myself part-way through devouring a freshly baked cookie when a loud voice interrupted my revery. “Shannon Harvey,” it said. “Stop eating that cookie immediately.” The cookie was still warm, sweet, vanillary and delicious, so I ignored the voice. “Shannon,” it persisted, “you do not need the excess sugar and empty calories today. Don’t you have any self-control?” Defiantly, I munched forward, reasoning that the home-made cookie contained some worthy nutritional ingredients. “SHANNON! Do not kid yourself that there is anything healthy about eating a third cookie. You will make yourself sick and miserable.” Half-eaten, I... Read full article »

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