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Easy Techniques To Make Healthy Changes Last

Shannon Harvey

I have a confession to make. Even though I’m a health journalist who extensively researches and writes about the latest science proving there’s a connection between our mind, body and health, and even though I have written an entire chapter in my new book about the importance of sitting less and moving more… I have not been exercising regularly.My second son is now 7-months-old and ever since he was born, my exercise habits have gone out the window. Sure, I’ve been getting out for the odd walk and casually practising some yoga at home. I’ve even been to the occasional... Read full article »

Health or Wealth? Finding the Work-Life-Health Balance

Shannon Harvey

I was giving a talk recently to a group of people interested in hearing more about my road to good health after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The audience was made up of people looking for ways to get healthy and find balance in this crazy-busy world. During the question and answer session after my talk, one woman spoke of her difficulties in making healthy choices while holding down a high-stakes, all-or-nothing job. She loved her work but she wanted to know if I thought she needed to quit in order to reclaim her health.I’ve lost count of the... Read full article »

Why I Use a Sit-Stand Desk

Shannon Harvey

I remember the first time I saw someone working at a stand-up desk. It was 2009 and a colleague had rearranged the furniture in her office and needed some help reconnecting her printer. I noticed that her office makeover involved putting her computer on top of a stack of boxes so that she could work standing up. To be honest, I thought she was a little peculiar. It seemed rather impractical, perhaps even a little silly. I now realise, given that I was spending hours and hours each day sitting in edit suites and at computers, that I was the... Read full article »

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