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It’s Not Your Fault – Why Healthy Eating Is So Hard

Shannon Harvey

This is a conversation I heard between New Jersey bus driver and an elderly Chinese passenger on a bus bound for New York City.Driver: “Hey, how you doing? Last time I saw you, you were headed to Old Bridge. Where you going today?”Passenger: “Oh there’s a guy I’ve got to see in Freehold. How have you been?”Driver: “Not so good. I’ve got the diabetes”Passenger: “Oh, that’s not so good.”Driver: “Yeah, and now I’m trying to eat right, but I’m so confused. I don’t know what to eat. Like I thought I could get some of that sugar free gum, but... Read full article »

Documentary Production – Call for Participants

Shannon Harvey

Are you thinking about taking an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course? Would you be willing to be filmed throughout? About the filmFrom the producers of the internationally acclaimed feature film The Connection, comes an exciting new documentary about meditation.The documentary follows the story of time-poor, overburdened, health journalist Shannon Harvey as she meditates daily for a year. Shannon is a lapsed-meditator, who suffers from insomnia and an autoimmune disease, which causes arthritis and chronic pain. A team of scientists will measure everything from her stress levels, to her immune function and brain changes, right down to her DNA in... Read full article »

How I Learned About Stress Contagion From A New York Cab Driver

Shannon Harvey

I was in a yellow taxi in the heart of Manhattan, stuck in a clogged artery on my way to a major interview for my new film. As we inched forward and squeezed ever tighter into the one-way street, my driver had the steering wheel in a death grip. A cacophony of horn blasts soon erupted and so did he. In the middle of the road, he got out of his cab, face red with rage, and began gesticulating wildly. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. The congestion cleared and I eventually arrived at my destination... Read full article »

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