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What To Google When You Get Sick (And How To Think Like A Journalist When You Do)

Shannon Harvey

A friend of mine recently had a particularly nasty gastro bug that landed her in hospital. She sent me a link she’d found after googling her ongoing post-hospital symptoms. The online article was written by a blogger who had experienced a very similar illness to my friend’s and whole-heartedly prescribed a recovery path for others, which involved a restricted diet plan and special probiotics. I totally understand why my friend had turned to Dr Google. She’d been pronounced “better” and booted out of hospital after consulting with a specialist doctor for a grand total of eight minutes. Two weeks later,... Read full article »

Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD

Shannon Harvey

Watch an excerpt from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn's episode in the Conversation Series Prof. of Medicine Emeritus, University of Massachusetts Medical School Founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction “Jon Kabat-Zinn brings to the arena of mind-body science a touch of the poet as well as the pragmatist, giving us the hows and whys of meditation in a language we don't often associate with the subject.” - Bill Moyers, PBS Jon Kabat-Zinn is famous for his work as a scientist, writer, and work in teaching stressed out sick people how to meditate. More than 20, 000 people around the world have now completed... Read full article »

Herbert Benson, MD

Shannon Harvey

Watch an excerpt from Dr Herbert Benson's episode in the Conversation Series Director Emeritus of theBenson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital Mind Body Medicine Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School -- “Herbert Benson, MD, is the father of modern mind body medicine. ” - Health Insights Today The Boston Globe described Dr. Hebert Benson as a medical rock star after he wrote his best selling book The Relaxation Response. The book outlined his research and approach to countering the harmful effects stress has on our body, and was an international best seller. Since then he’s written another... Read full article »

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